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  • Our catalog will not be added to the website that infringes even one of our 10 basic rules:
  1.     are associated with eroticism, shops selling accessories of this kind,
  2.     that violate Polish law,
  3.     They are related to the content that promotes violence or vulgar.
  4.     They are under construction.
  5.     They are a showcase,
  6.     are subdomains
  7.     are parties of gambling, incitement to gambling,
  8.     They are of the same content, which occur at different web address,
  9.     are parties that may arise in view of the direction to another,
  10.     are content visible only by logging the user.
  •     Each user has the opportunity to hand to our catalog
  •     The added page should have a title and a description in language Polish or English.
  •     All proposals parties must be approved by the Moderator of the page. Acceptance usually occurs within 24 hours from the time of notification of this page. On weekdays possible moderation to 2 hours from the moment of filing pages directory. For any delays that do not lie on our side we are not responsible.
  •     Added description of the page must be unique, in-kind, free of spelling mistakes and stylistic.
  •     Title and description of the website in the directory may not contain: URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, home and businesses, special characters and symbols. The title of the website can not start from the figures and repetitions such as. "Aaa"; If the application form the website, such data will be included, the entry will not be added to our directory.
  •     All keywords should be written in lowercase (unless it is a proper noun) separated by commas.
  •     The content of the proposed party must comply with the category to which it was submitted the proposal to add. If you do not have a particular category suggest. Moderator has the right to change the category of the proposed party will be when he questioned the choice of the user.
  •     Website should show up on a regular basis - pages that do not appear next 14 days will be removed from the directory without refund for the addition or extension of an listing in the directory.
  •     Address the proposed party must lead to the main page.
  •     Administrator directory assumes no responsibility for the content  in our directory, links to which they lead.
  •     In the case of "sponsored post" listing will be displayed along with other parties in a block of sponsored posts. Sponsored site will always be in the main directory. Position listing depends on the added sequentially websites.
  •     In the case of "listing highlighted" listing will be displayed along with other parties in the block highlighted entries. Featured site will always be visible on all pages of all categories of the directory. Position listing depends on the added sequentially websites.
  •     If you choose the tariff with a link turning link page should be added to the home page of our directory
  •     Administrator directory makes every effort to properly function site.
  •     Administrator directory reserves the right to disable the service without prior notice User.
  •     Only the Moderator has the right to delete the listing. User-registered Edit function is available.
  •     Our terms and conditions apply from the moment of its publication. The site administrator reserves the right to change the rules without prior notice Users.
  •     Proposed side inconsistent with the rules will not be approved and the listing fee proposals will not be refunded.
  •     User applicant website confirms that owns or operates the command owner.
  •     Administrator directory reserves the right to moderation title, description, keywords, page and category.
  •     Administrator directory reserves the right to refuse to post the proposed directory site if it does not meet the requirements of our regulations.
  •     Added listing registered user has data in the description of the owner, ie. A field called "full name". You can change the panel's - in w / in the field, you can listing the name of the website.
  •     Listings which violate any of our terms and conditions at a later date will be removed without refund collected.
  •     All complaints related to the functioning of our catalog should be reported here contact us.
  •     All complaints related to the functioning of payment should be reported here PayPal
  • On this website we use cookies (ang. Cookies), so that our service may work better. At any time you can turn off this mechanism in their browser settings. Using our website without changing the settings for cookies, putting them in the memory of your device.
  • All accepted applications web directory means that the owner of the page accepts our terms and conditions.

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