The funds - a kind of wallet. You can fund your account any amount. This will be the amount that you can use in the future to add or edit listings without further formalities.

Tariffs are user - a special offer for registered. Thanks to them, you can add more than one listing at a one-time payment.

After the purchase tariffs are you when you add an listing to be adding a page to choose tariff "Link" moderator accepting party add accordance with the tariff sponsorship, distinction and display time

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Krzysztof Kindryk

Krzysztof Kindryk
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Jan 8, 2019


W trakcie projektowania nowego wyglądu mieszkania musimy się zmierzyć z wyborem fachowców, którzy podejmą się prac. Dobrym wyborem na terenie Jaworzna, Chrzanowa i najbliższych okolic będzie...

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